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Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

As the holidays approach, it's easy to get excited about the decor and parties! This year I want you to be the beauty QUEEN at your family get togethers or as you attend your work (or friends) holiday party! This blog post is solely about trendy holiday hairstyles, but I will be sure to make a different post about holiday makeup looks. Here's how to style your hair this holiday season with styling instructions and products linked to Ulta for your convenience!

Hollywood Waves

A classic hollywood waves hairstyle is perfect for one of your elevated get togethers. This hairstyle is a classic glamorous look. All hair types and hair lengths can do this style. You will use a 1 inch or 1.5 inch curling wand for this hairstyle. If your hair does not hold well, go with the smaller one (1 inch) because this style is going to be brushed out at the end. Pull your hair section by section and take a 1 inch piece of hair and twist it around the iron. Make sure that all of your curls go the same way and completely match each other in size and bends. When your entire head is curled, brush it out with a vent brush or wide tooth comb to get your final look. Set this hairstyle with a strong hold hairspray. I like the Chi Helmet Head for this.

Products you need are linked here: Curling wand base (then you can use different barrels on it... its interchangeable, 1 inch curling wand, 1.5 inch curling wand, vent brush, wide tooth comb, Chi Helmet Head Hairspray

Baby Braids

Did Hailey Bieber start this? Not sure, but I am not complaining because I absolutely love the baby braid trend. I also love to incorporate hair jewelry into the baby braids or tie them with a fun color elastic. Putting small braids into your hairstyles is simple. First start off by straightening, curling, or waving your hair. Once your entire head is done, take a small section around each side of your face and braid all the way down and secure with a very small hair elastic. The hair jewelry is easy to work with. You just pick your piece and there is an opening in the metal. Open that far enough to get it into the braid, and then push it back together to close it up and have it secured in your braid.

Sleek Low Bun

If you are the one who is running late or doesn't like to deal with doing your hair, I got you with this hairstyle. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays whether you are with family and chasing around your kids (or someone else's), a sleek low bun is going to look very classic but also be very practical! Put a middle or side part in your hair. With your hands or a small tooth comb, pull your hair back into a low pony tail while keeping the hair tight against your head as we create a sleek look. After your secure your hair elastic, take the hair hanging down in the ponytail and twist it around in a circle like how a cinnamon roll would look. From there, you will pin the hair into a bun style and finish with hairspray! If your hair is naturally straight you can head right into the styling. If it isn't, straighten your entire head and make sure you get it perfectly straight at the root. Use waterwax or pomade as you pull the hair back into the ponytail to make sure it looks slick and sleek. You will take a nickel to dime size of the product, rub between your fingertips and then smooth over your hair. This will get rid of all fly aways and make it sleek!

Products you need are linked here: small tooth comb, small clear hair elastic, spray wax, pomade

Be sure to chat with me on instagram and tag me in your holiday hairstyles @allisonkayeglam

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