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Straightening Brushes

With so many beauty tools coming out and making their way to social media, I am here to tell you the truth of what works and what does not! I will get right to it - straightening brushes do work! A straightening brush will help you skip a step in your hair routine so if you are looking for sleek, silky hair, grab one of my recommendations below!

What is a straightening brush good for?

Straightening brushes smooth strands of hair, create volume at your roots, and polish your ends all while taking your hair from wet to a finished dry look!

Why might someone want to use these over a flat iron?

A straightening brush makes it easier and faster to straighten your hair. With this type of product you’ll be drying your hair, creating volume, straightening, and smoothing your ends all at the same time!

What should I look for when buying a straightening brush?

When purchasing hot tools of any kind, heat settings are going to be very important. Depending on your hair type and texture, you will need to adjust the heat setting. There is no "one size fits all" for heat as heat can be very damaging. For blondes, brittle hair, or thin hair/ thin hair strands (yes not the same) make sure you are using a lower heat setting. For medium to thick hair, darker hair color, and natural hair colors you can use a higher heat setting if low heat is not getting the job done.

Allisons Purchase Recommendations:

  • My favorite straightening brush is the T3 Edge Heated Smoothing & Styling Brush. The price point is fair at $149.99 and T3 products are unmatched when it comes to their heat technology in their products! This brush also has 3 heat settings, making it perfect for every hair type! Remember to use lower heat on fragile or damaged hair.

  • We all know that the Dry Bar does blowouts best, so I love their Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush. The price point is at $149 on the dry bar website. This brush has a 60-minute automatic safety shut-off so you’re never worried about your tool still being on once you leave home. This brush also has a digital temperature control that makes it perfect for every hair type.

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